Vertical farming for biomass production.

Our dedicated team strives to provide high-efficiency, energy-saving indoor cultivation equipment to yield pounds of produce in any environment with our vertical system solutions, including container farms and LED grow lights. 


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Cultivation technologies that are seamlessly integrated, data-driven, and evidence-based.

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Specializing in high-efficiency indoor cultivation equipment

Flurish is an indoor farming equipment company specializing in high-efficiency, energy-saving indoor cultivation equipment. Our primary product categories are container farms, vertical farming systems, and LED grow lights. Indoor farms can also benefit from our one-stop solutions and complete services.

Our technologies are all designed in-house, and many of them have been granted international patents. We insist on developing goods from users' perspectives to truly assist producers in achieving higher levels of efficiency, particularly in large-scale commercial indoor agricultural projects. Flurish products, on the other hand, are segmented, allowing for quick construction and maintenance.  Each product has been fine-tuned to make your farm flourish!


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Mobile Vertical Cannabis Grow Racks

We're here to assist you if you're looking for techniques to boost your cannabis growing yields and profitability. Our grow room design consultants can help you maximize every square inch of your facilities by optimizing space in huge indoor grow rooms.

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Maximize Your Area

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Better & Faster Growing Environment

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Safe & Intelligent Workspace

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High Profitability Rate

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Conserve Money on Climate Control

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Save on Labour

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Flurish IGRS helps you maximize efficiency

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With VFUs, you can be sure to have a consistent experience every time

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Flurish Insights helps you turn data into action.

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Grow Racks using GenIntegrated Technology

LED grow lights, basins, and hydroponics are all included — smartly built to optimize your area for growth.


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