HGV Nutrients Flowering Formula 0-10-26, 25 lbs.

Mix with HGV Base Formula once and it will stay in suspension! All the nutrients the plant needs to finish strong!

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HGV Flowering Formula

HGV Flowering Formula

Whether you have a small farm or acres of greenhouse produce, HGV plant nutrients can help increase your yield and quality while lowering cost of production. HGV Nutrients ONLY HAS 3 formulas to use in your feeding schedule:

  • The Base Formula: is used for both veg and flowering at the exact same strength.
  • The Growth Formula: will be used with the base formula during the vegetative phase of plant growth.
  • The Flowering Formula: will be used with the base formula starting on the first day of the flowering phase.

There are NO OTHER ADDITIVES OR SUPPLEMETS that you will need to add to HGV for a complete grow cycle. These 3 formulas provide your plants with everything they need to grow big and beautiful.


Water Soluble Flowering Formula

Why is HGV Nutrients the top-selling and #1 recommend nutrient brand on Hydrobuilder.com? Better quality, higher yields, and lower cost are just a few of the reasons to make the switch from your current line. All HGV products are licensed and registered which means they have passed stringent testing protocols.

Licensed and registered

Works in any growing media

Suitable for any type of water

Designed to be fed at one strength from start to finish

Increases yield

Better quality & lower cost

Highest quality raw materials

Suitable for any type of watering system.


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