LED Grow Light

Indoor LED grow lights from Greenius is engineered to
improve the plant growth cycle by giving higher light
dispersion while using less energy and lasting longer.


State-of-the-Art Lighting Technology

When developing or upgrading a cannabis production operation, lighting is one of the most expensive aspects to consider. Indoor LED grows lights from Greenius is meant to save money while still being efficient. Our LEDs also work in tandem with the rest of the Greenius product ecosystem to provide unrivaled control and convenience.


Greenius Sunlight


Greenius CustomSpec


Greenius LightSpec


Greenius HiSpec

led grow light

Optimal Crop Growth

green-energy (1)

80% PPFD light dispersion more than HPS lights


60% heat reduction compared to HPS lights


Contains Two (2) Adjustable
Spectrum Channels


Plant-love Full Spectrum Light

At Greenius, we're continually expanding our expertise and analysis of how light spectrums work best on various crops and strains - and when they should be used. Our LED grow lighting systems are created and developed based on an extensive scientific study to provide growers complete control over their plants' light spectrum to optimize production, quality, and variability.

  • Multiple Temperature Modes

  • Automatic Timer

  • Fast & Flexible Handing

  • Wider Breadth

  • Higher Luminance

  • Easy Angle Rotation

  • 360-Degree Coverage





grow smarter

Grow your next crop with the most efficient lighting.


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