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Frequently Asked Questions

Based on feedback from prior aeroponic and hydroponic projects, 4-5lbs is a standard production of 4ftx8ft one tray, and 5-6lbs is possible if your nutrient formula is excellent enough.

The whole cycle of plants varies depending on the plant type, but for example, hemp/CBD seeding takes around 2 weeks, veg takes 4 weeks, and flowering takes 8 weeks, herbs and microgreens take 8-10 days, and leafy vegetables take 20-30 days for different types of leafy vegetables.

Yes, our system is fully automated, with lighting, watering, ventilation, temperature, CO2, and feeding ratios all controlled automatically (PH, EC level)

We employ a water circulation technology in which spent water by plants is collected and refilled using water filters. This ensures that each plant receives fresh water at all times, saving you 95% of your water.

Our system is an energy efficient system. Depending on the plant you're growing and how much PPFD you want, we can adjust the power to meet your needs. The primary use of electricity is for grow lights.

Yes, our system is mobile and adjustable, and you may alter the height to suit your plants.

Our systems have a built-in fertilizer mixer/dosing machine that is connected to the system's water tanks and mixes the fertilizer, allowing our system to give the right fertilizer proportion to plants.

We supply 1100 to 1200 PPFD to plants in the blooming stage. You may grow multiple stages in a sample spot with our system since the lights are dimmable and you can regulate the light intensity according to plant size.

We control the temperature with a water chiller, and you can adjust it as well.

Yes, our systems can be controlled via your desktop and mobile.

Growing several plants or stages at the same time is not a smart idea since each plant has a particular nutrition formula and irrigation strategy.

We now provide 23 flowering plants per tray 4'x8' and 72 veg plants per tray 4'x8' for cannabis, but we can adjust the density to meet your needs.

Yes, we provide OEM services to our customers (size, brand and color can be customized).

We are now supplying a 15L bucket for each plant, made of high-quality PVC food grade.